L'équipe de la Steer
There are 3 nephrologist doctors supervising the dialysis unit rotation. Their work schedules are available at any time.
Dr Léon ODRY Dr Violaine EMAL-AGLAE Dr Hakim MAIZA

  Care Staff
There are 16 registered nurses ( 1 hygienist) , 4 dialysis assistants and 3 care assistants. who take care of the patients while undergoing their dialysis sessions. Dialysis sessions are conducted under a physician's supervision. There is one permanent technician who is always available on site.
There is 1 technician who is specialized in water treatment and who monitors the dialysis generators (cleaning and service contract)
  Paramedical Staff

There is 1 pharmacist who is responsible for ordering consumable materials, organizing and stocking them, as well as supervising the use of the different medicine used in our center.
1 psychologist
1 social worker

  Administrative Staff
There are 4 medical secretaries, 1 senior health and 1 management assistant, 1 quality controller - risk administrator who manage and organize the patients' medical files as well as the administrative files efficiently.